Lessons & Training

Ashley knows the importance of a consistent training program when it comes to producing results. Solid fundamentals are taught and focused on at home in order to prepare students for competitions with confidence. Whether you are someone looking to move up the levels in Eventing, or an amateur rider looking to compete at the lower levels or learn the basics, Ashley looks forward to assisting you in achieving your goals. Her year spent training in Germany gave Ashley the exclusive knowledge and special tools for helping aspiring dressage or event riders improve their dressage position. Having grown up doing Hunter/Jumpers and galloping racehorses, this was something Ashley struggled with, and now enjoys helping riders of all levels improve on!

Ashley has experience training horses in the disciplines of 3-day Eventing, Dressage, Jumpers and Foxhunting. Whether you are looking for a training program to tune up your equestrian partner, looking to start a young horse, or looking to have someone compete your established horse, Ashley has a proven track record of success. She has produced multiple young horses successfully to the YEH Championships, and up through the upper levels of Eventing.


Let Ashley turn your youngster into a future champion, or train your horse to produce the results you desire.AllieandAshley Ashley’s number one focus is the best interest of the horses she works with, and the development of sound basics.



To schedule a lesson or inquire about horse training or clinics, please contact Ashley via email or give her a call at: (610) 716-3763.


2017 Price List


Full Training board:         $1,100 per month – includes full board at Antebellum farm, daily grooming, training(6 days/week), trimming,

mane pulling, and basic vet care. All farriers, vets, medications, and other specialists at owners expense.

Partial Training Board:    $850 per month – includes full board at Antebellum, grooming and 3 training(3 days/week), trimming, mane

pulling, and basic vet care. All farriers, vets, medications, and other specialists at owners expense.

Lessons:                                    $ 65  private

$ 50  semi-private

Training rides:                    $ 40  per ride, includes grooming, tacking and bathing, ship in horses

Commissions:                      $1,500 or 10%, whichever is greater. Includes creating sales

videos, advertising, etc.

Trailering:                          $ 0.75 /mile

Clipping:                              $ 150 full body clipping

$ 50  basic trim, mane and tail pull

Off Site Clinics:                 $ 500 per day


** If you are interested in discounted lesson or training packages, please talk to Ashley directly.**